Reality Pilates Reformer, a pilates reformer studio, is a small, privately owned specialty health club dedicated to using its resources to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle

At Reality Pilates Reformer, we recognize and value human potential at all levels. Through training as well as personal experience, we understand the barriers that can present challenges to our health on a day to day basis. Our commitment is to understand your fitness needs to help you achieve them in an environment that fosters respect, motivation, and enjoyment while reaching those goals.


Our highly adaptable program uses the Pilates Reformer, a method proven to stretch, strengthen and balance the body without stress and strain. Because the Reformer is suitable for everyone, our system offers a program that is individualized to suit your needs … whether you are reconditioning from surgery, training for a marathon, or just ready to try a new approach to wellness.

We are trained and certified to get you where you need to be in your health goals. We offer a variety of services which are not just limited to the Pilates Reformer. We offer massages, facials, cardio classes, and aerialates.

I started with Reality Reformer thru the OJR extention course Plus Size Pilates. It has taken me 50 years to find exercise I truely enjoy. I look forward to my classes each week. If you are looking for a nuturing, no frills, positive environment in which to get healthy or continue in healthy pursuits Reality Reformer is the place for you.
Rebecca Netto Rader, Face Book Review
Rebecca Netto Rader
The Reformer bed helps to keep your body in alignment. We are told why we do certain movements and what it will help. The classes are fun. Many quips and lots of laughter.
Karen Pehrson Methlie , Face Book Review
Karen Pehrson Methlie
What a fantastic way to exercise and feel better.
Jamie Neri Wendel , Face Book Review
Jamie Neri Wendel