I was born in Mud Fork, West Virginia in 1948 (sounds like the beginning of a bad novel). My family were coal miners and we prided ourselves in our ability to be self-reliant and self- taught in many respects. Given this history, it’s interesting that I have spent a great deal of my working life in the arena of education. 

 During high-school I had two particularly wonderful teachers who took me under their wings. This inspired me to become a classroom teacher. I went to Penn State, studied and partied, and did my student teaching at an elementary school in North Philadelphia while going to Temple to get a master’s degree in elementary education. I had 42 fifth graders, and one was 16 years old! What a challenging adventure. This work led to an appointment to help develop and implement a Philadelphia School District program for mentally gifted children. From this experience, I developed a deep interest in group process. So I enrolled in a Master’s Program in group process and group psychotherapy at Hahnemann University. Upon graduation, I taught a few courses to the undergrates. During my career in the mental health field, I worked with community mental health centers, group homes and finally with families and special needs children. I was a mobile therapist, behavior specialist and found myself running wrap-around service programs in five counties. I have a special passion and rich experience in working with gifted children and special needs gifted children. A strong desire is to brain-storm with other educators to develop programming for the problems of bullying, using the skills and talents of gifted children. 

 Along the way, I have pursued many hobbies. I immersed myself in all kinds of science fiction and was enthralled with the books of Robert Heinlein. I started to love being outdoors and gardening. I think I would give up a wonderful meal to shake my booty on the dance floor, inspired by the soul-tapping sounds of disco and Motown. Knitting, sewing, making “rustic” Christmas ornaments, and gift wrapping have filled me with joy. In the past two years I have dabbled, unexpectedly, with cooking. I do like quick eye-hand coordination computer games like Bejeweled. Being at the beach is like sanctuary for me. In my 30s I participated in the flea market subculture and watch Antiques Roadshow whenever I can. I also worked at Gracie’s restaurant, where I so enjoyed multitasking, and miss waitressing to this day. Did I mention my now almost obsession with gardening? When I am in the garden nothing outside of that moment exists; while I try to make something beautiful. 
 And all during my work life, I have been drawn to meditation, yoga, and massage. I took seminars, attended classes, and did cycles of regular practice of the interest of the moment. During the 90s I became intrigued with the Trager Approach and took the entire basic training and deepened my interest in movement as medicine. Almost simultaneously I became aware of the pilates reformer. I could not find local studios or classes or training. I went to a studio on the Main Line and took some classes, bought myself a reformer and all the video tapes I could find; then took classes and became a certified pilates reformer instructor. For one year I taught reformer classes at a local studio and then decided, with my husband Ken, to open REALITY PILATES REFORMER. This is a chapter in my life that allows me to take joy in taking care of myself… and this is a four year journey that seems to get better every day.
My husband Ken passed away June 2020 and is sorely missed. 
Tricia Delauretis

Tricia has been with Reality since the opening of the studio and instructing here since 2010.

Tricia teaches our advanced and cardio reformer pilates classes as well as the aerial yogalates and speciality classes like puppy-Pilates (bring your dog or just come and love on ours) and mommy-n-me (perfect way to spend time with your little one).

Group classes with Tricia can be found on the schedule or book your own private class with her!

Reach out to reserve a spot in class or book your own private session:

Email: triciadelauretis@gmail.com

Call/text: 610-864-8506

Susan Hart, LMT

Susan has been with Reality since 2014, she teaches small, targeted classes specializing in helping those with specific physical issues or limitations AND offers massage therapy at our studio. She uses her extensive knowledge from being a massage therapist to assess and design plans to assist our members in achieving their optimal mobility and strength using the reformer to strengthen what is weak, and stretch what is tight. Anyone can join her scheduled classes, and enjoy movements meant to increase both strength and flexibility.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Susan worked with children first as a preschool teacher, then as a nanny for six years.  When the child she cared for began school full time she went to massage school and has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998.  In 1999 she began working with a chiropractor, who helped her to look at the body in a comprehensive way…and encouraged her to take specific classes to support alignment and balance in our bodies.  She has studied and am able to incorporate the following modalities in her bodywork practice:

Susan’s healing sessions are nurturing and unique, combining advanced massage therapy techniques, intuitive guidance, and energy work.  It is this combination that sets her work apart, allowing the client the opportunity for complete healing.  

Drum circles have been a source of joy since attending her first one in 2001.  Having trouble finding local circles, she was guided to find a way to create her own.  In 2012 she took a drum circle facilitator workshop with Jim Donovan (former drummer of Rusted Root).  Now she offers monthly Drum Circles. It’s her favorite energy release/high, they are SO MUCH FUN…playtime for grown-ups! 

In 2015 Susan began offering massage therapy to members of Reality Pilates.  The owner Dianna gave her private teacher training to become a Pilates instructor.  Summer of 2016 Susan began leading classes targeting specific issues and working with individuals with chronic pain issues, with much success.  Her own healing journey using the reformer to stabilize her sacrum (low back) has been profound, and she is excited to share this amazing healing tool with others.

If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a spot in class, please call/text Susan at 610-733-8233 or email serenityachieved@aol.com or visit www.SerenityAchieved.com for more information about Susan and the services she offers.