Current Fee Schedule…as of September 2020

                                             1 Class = $35
                                           4 Classes = $100
                      Unlimited Classes for 1 Month = $130
                                 Private Classes – $40 – $50  

                     Group classes and pricing are available

Use the Pay Now option to pay for one time payment.

Reality Pilates Membership Options as of September 2020
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Subscribe to monthly payments of $130 to be charged once a month for membership. You will be charged on the same day each month. You can always cancel prior to a billing if you wish.

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Donations are welcome, in any amount to help us meet operating expenses through this Covid19 pandemic. Or you can choose to put up scholarship money for members in need who are unable to afford to pay membership fees at this time.

Those of you who know me know this is not my area of expertise.  Several members of our community have graced me with their advice and expertise.  To help us keep our doors open.

During these interesting times, the Reality community has had to be resilient in many ways. As I am sure you can understand, we are now faced with the dilemma of how to best move forward to prepare for a successful future of the studio.

As you all know, with the statewide regulations to fight COVID-19, we were forced to close our doors for 4 months. With that, our annual income has decreased considerably, class sizes were state mandated to be reduced to 50% to meet the new restrictions, (social distancing has limited each class to a max of 7), we have lost one of our instructors, so we currently are not able to provide as many classes as in the past, and the income generated from Groupon is no longer available since they are not offered (or accepted) at this time.

With this decrease in income, we still have our ongoing costs of rent, utilities, insurance, compensating instructors, and the added maintenance costs for things Ken used to do. On top of that, we are now faced with an increase in daily costs based on the “COVID-19 Extras”, such as sanitizer, masks, escalating costs of wipes, individual COVID-19 tracing sheets, etc.

We have applied for grants and other business loans but have not had any success and even in some cases, were made aware that some programs were fraudulent.

As most of you know, Ken was the business mind and I am the nurturer. I am lucky to have such an amazing support group to help me carry on, so I am now braced and ready to move forward in this exceptional time.

With a heavy heart, to keep Reality Studio in operation and to weather any future outbreaks that can cause additional closures, here is the new pricing for the foreseeable time:

  • Starting September 7, the cost for a 4-week membership with an unlimited number of classes will be $130
  • The cost of a 4-class package will be $100
  • No other options will be offered at this time
  • Cash is preferred, checks are appreciated (to avoid credit card processing fees) and if you need to use a credit card please visit our website and pay here.
  • Donations are welcomed and appreciated to help us meet rising costs of doing business. 

My financial advisors and I will be reviewing this pricing structure over the next few months and we will be making adjustment as needed based on the number of people coming to class and the ongoing pandemic restrictions/closures.

In gratitude,