Do you groan when you get up from sitting? Do you place your hand on your lower back when you begin to walk? Aching knees, lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, and swollen ankles are only a few of the conditions we can help you improve with the practice of self-care techniques called Mentastics.

These movements will be used in conjunction with the Exercise Ball and the Pilates Reformer … which is a sled-like piece of equipment developed for rehabilitation and the forerunner of Mat Pilates. You will learn to use techniques that can be easily applied at home, while shopping, or even when driving.

Mentastics are the soft, flowing pain-free movements that reduce constriction and rigidity. Mentastics was developed by Dr. Milton Trager who dedicated his life to exploring the effects of these flowing pain-free movements on the nervous system, which he associated with the unconscious mind.

This class will help you learn gentle movements using a theraband, a phisoball, steps, a chair, and a pole. You will learn how to focus on repatterning your muscle movements, integrate methods of softening the knees, aligning the feet and hips, and lifting your ribs and shoulders into everyday activities. You will reconnect with the joy of movements.