Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 AM  Reformer – K Reformer – K Abs / Reformer – K
8:30 AM Knee / Reformer – S
9:00 AM Reformer – K Reformer – D Reformer – K Reformer – D Reformer – K

Aerialates – By Appt

9:30 AM Open Studio Open Studio
10:00 AM Reformer – D Reformer – D Mom&Me – By Appt
10:30 AM Easy Gait – TR Close Studio Close Studio
11:00 AM Over 40 & Plus Size – D Reformer – D Pup Pilates – By Appt
2:00 PM Hips / Back Reformer – S
4:15 PM Reformer – D
4:30 PM Reformer – D
5:00 PM Basic Reformer – R Over 40 & Plus Size – D
5:30 PM Reformer – D Aerialates – By Appt Reformer Yogalates – M
6:00 PM Cardio/Adv – T Sports Conditioning – R
Reformer – D
7:00 PM Adv / Reformer – J

D = Dianna  ……..  K = Ken  ……..  T = Tricia  ……..  J = Jenn  …….. M = Michele ……. R = Rachel  …….. S = Susan


Mon. 6:00 pm

Cardio/Adv This program will raise your heart rate and include advance moves on the reformer

Tues. 10:30am

Intro to Pilates This program will introduce you to the reformer. You will review springs & settings, as well as the reformers accompanying ad-ons.   You will perform a classical foundation class with an emphasis on breathing techniques and control.


Plus Size Pilates Continue with the support of the reformer to move your body, increase circulation while you enhance your control by building strength through Contrology.  This is plus size program.

Tues. 6:00pm

Adv/Reformer Taught by a seasoned runner in the winter months, to keep your muscles long and lean. Be ready to challenge your Intermediate reformer experiences with deliberate and swift movement

Wed. 7:00pm

Apparatus Continue reformer style Participation using the Core Pole, ball, Spine Aligner, and Mat to improve your form to balance, stabilize and support the movement with a key focus on your core engagement.

Thurs. 8:00am

Hips/Back Strengthen the muscles that support your low back, hips and core.  You will also be able to use the reformer to stretch out those tight muscles that never seem to relax, and relieve some of the pressure on your spine, hips and nerves.

Thurs. 2:00pm

Accessory/Reformer Support your goals by enhancing your reformer experience with resistance training, balancing techniques via the Core Pole

Thurs. 5:30pm

Yoga-lates Yoga movement and poses in addition to the Reformer.

Thurs. 6:30pm

Abs Abs Abs/ Reformer If you are still looking for your Six pack… there is so much more to find.  The reformer will make exploring your multiple muscle trains challenging while focusing on strengthening your Core is a safe way.

Friday 8:00am

Knee / Reformer Strengthen the muscles that support your knees and ankles, stretch out those tight muscles that never seem to relax, taking pressure off the knee joint itself.

Friday 8:30am

Call: 610.787.2237  Classes by appointment Mommy & MeThis is an infant, toddler, pregnancy and Dad friendly class. It will consist of a combination of Reformer and floor exercises

Friday 10:00am

By Appt.

Pup & Me PilatesBring your well behaved and rabies free companion to class, he can support your routine and howl at your accomplishments.



By. Appt.


  • Current Fee Schedule

    • 1 Class = $25
    • 4 Class = $75
    • Unlimited Classes For 1 Month $95
    • Unlimited Classes For 3 Month $245
    • Unlimited Classes For 6 Month $465 & The Seventh Month Is Free
    • Private Classes – $30 – $40

If there is a question as to whether we will be open – Check our account on Facebook or call us at 610-787-3337