Registration and Masking is required for Tricia’s and Susan’s classes. See below for details. Registration and masking requirements vary per teacher (see below). Thank you for your patience as we work through this new system.

Classes Available (will be changing as we work out where there is demand):

Over 40 and/or Plus Size – see the tab on the Home page.

Reformer – These are inclusive classes that stress foundation principles, and techniques. Beginners and athletes are welcome

Beginner Cardio – These classes use the jumpboard and trampoline to gently increase cardio function in 1 to 3 minute intervals while helping strengthen joints in a protective non-painful way.

Cardio Avanced Moves – The reformer is used with the jumpboard to vigorously increase heart rate with 5 to 10 minute intervals. Runners are welcome.

Specialty – This class is by appointment and designed to focus on specific concerns like recovering from surgery or other chronic conditions.

Aerialates – Safely suspended in aerial silks students perform relaxing moves and deep stretches while using deep core muscles. Please contact Tricia at 610-864-8506 if you’d like to try it!

Yogalates – The reformer adds another dimension to yoga poses while dramatically increasing flexibility

Abs Reformer – The reformer is designed to strengthen the core and this class takes it one step farther by focusing on the abs by using stretches not crunches.

Knee/Low Back Reformer – Without body weight on the knees, the reformer allows thighs and buttock muscles to strenthen and align in non-painful ways. Great for post or pre knee replacement.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 AM   Reformer – D   Reformer – D      
8:30 AM              
9:00 AM Reformer – CD Reformer – D Specialty Beginner/Intermediate Reformer – S Reformer – D Knee/Low Back Reformer – S Specialty Classes on Pop Up schedule Check Facebook or text Tricia.
9:30 AM              
10:00 AM Reformer – CD Over 40 & Plus Size- D Reformer – CD Cardio/Specialty Reformer – T Reformer – CD    
10:30 AM              
11:00 AM     Reformer – CD   Reformer – CD    
2:00 PM              
4:00 PM Reformer – D   Reformer – D        

4:30 PM

5:00 PM Intermediate/Advanced Reformer – T  Reformer – CD   Reformer – CD      
5:30 PM Reformer – D   Reformer – D        
6:00 PM    

D = Dianna  ………Just show up.  If uncertain of whether the studio is open because of weather, please check Facebook.  You must be vaccinated to attend Dianna’s classes, masks optional.

T = Tricia  ………….Register by texting 610-864-8506.  Masks required to participate in classes.

S = Susan………….Register by text/call 610-733-8233 or email   Vaccination and Masks required of everyone to participate.

CD = For experienced members of the studio only.  Speak with Dianna if interested prior to joining class.  

If there is a question as to whether we will be open – Check our account on Facebook or call us at 610-787-3337